About Anna…

Anna Wingfield is a Los Angeles based printmaker making abstract original prints that are inspired by textures and colors found in oxidized metals and natural stratifications. By fuzing traditional forms of intaglio with her own style of ink-wiping, she captures brief moments in time that are familiar, elusive, and eternal.

Anna works out the Arts District of Los Angeles, California. She received her BFA from Goucher College and studied fine art at Goldsmiths University in London and The Students Arts League in New York City.


About the work…

Combining traditional forms of mono print, intaglio, and ink-wipe printing techniques, ink is fluidly applied to the surface of an untouched copperplate, which is then printed, and washed away, capturing a solitary moment in each original work of art.

Although the copperplates are left untouched from the intaglio processes, they continue to decay due to the natural oxidation of the copper and ware from it’s constant use. The weathered surface serves as a source of inspiration. Highlighting the decay by rubbing, wiping, and scraping ink onto the surface and letting it interact with the copperplate's blemishes. Anna re-imagines forms seen consciously and unconsciously in the natural landscape. By manipulating the ink, she reproduces ocean, sky, desert, and canyon landscapes that are undistinguished by profound or mundane situations. They appear in various forms and are brought to life on the surface of the copper. Each category is meant to be broad, allowing Anna to curate textures, perspectives, and seasonality while simultaneously allowing each viewer to individually experience their own brief moment.